BRM® Body Balancing

The Body Ready Method ®

BRM® is an approach to using whole body functional tools with the perinatal population that can help with:

- Body balancing to help baby find their best position

- Prenatal aches and pains

- Pelvic floor dysfunction

- Core support to minimize issues with abdominal separation and diastasis recti

- A more efficient birth by optimizing the body during pregnancy

- A smoother postpartum recovery

Pregnancy is a huge physical feat, yet most are not given the tools they need to appropriately and adequately support their body through this process. We believe an empowered pregnancy should include specific education and support for the pregnant body.

Why work with a BRM® pro?

Body Ready Method ® professionals understand, deeply, how to support the pregnant body to find resilience, strength, and mobility. We are equipped to help you prepare for a more functional pregnancy and a more efficient birthing process. Moreover, we are experts in pelvic mechanics and understand what to do during every stage of the birthing process to encourage progress and optimize balanced space in the pelvis and surrounding soft tissues.

Who should hire a BRM® pro?

-An individual who is pregnant and wanting to prepare their body for birth.

- Somebody who has had previously difficult birth experiences and desires to be more proactive and find more support for their next pregnancy and birth.

- An individual who is pregnant and worried about their core, diastasis recti, pelvic floor function, or other body issues.

- Anybody who is pregnant and looking for a more holistic way to remain strong, functional and resilient through the entire journey.

- Those who value function over fitness. BRM® is so much more than modified-for-pregnancy exercise and we value function over appearance.

BRM® Prenatal Sessions

As a BRM® Pro, I work with pregnant people who want to optimize the balance, strength and resiliency of their pregnant body.


  • 90-minute session / $100

  • 4 Sessions Package (ideally 1st tri, 2nd tri, 3rd tri and Guess Date (appx) / $350 (most popular)

What to expect:

We will start with your “WHY” and your goals for pregnancy and birth. We will discuss your daily habits/lifestyle, past lifestyle and any
history of past birth experiences or injuries. This will all help me to learn your body and understand how to best support you.

I will do a full body alignment and movement assessment. I will guide you through practicing different movements and positions to help determine what areas of the body need strengthened, lengthened and released.

Each session you will learn 3-4 custom tools and daily movement tips.

BRM® Labor Sessions

Birth is a physiological process and I believe that the body is wise. However, that wisdom is often lost in the modern world.

I believe that all birthing people deserve to be offered positional and hands on release work, as needed. I believe that these low risk, easily accessible tools can encourage comfort and progress and that these tools can oftentimes eliminate the need for medical interventions that come with higher risk.

These sessions can be especially beneficial for a pregnant individual:

- Experiencing prodromal (start/stop) labor

- Having a medical induction

- Experiencing a labor "stall" and interested in a holistic alternative to avoid medical augmentation and/or caesarean.

What to expect:

When I join you at your birth, I will assess your flow, alignment and babies’ location in the pelvis, if available.

Based on my findings, we will work together on a series of movements, positions and hands-on releases to balance and open space in the pelvis.

Though we know nothing in birth is ever guaranteed, often times when these tissues are addressed, labor progresses more efficiently.


  • 1 Session (1-3 hrs) / $200

Call / Text for immediate availability and assistance.



What does a Doula do?

A Doula provides physical, emotional and educational support throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

What type of births do you support?

I support all types of births. I support births at home, in a birthing center or in a hospital. I support non-medicated and medicated births. My role is to give you the information to make evidence-informed decisions regarding your pregnancy and birth and then to support those decisions whatever they are.

What areas do you serve?

For birth support, I serve all areas between and surrounding Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. Childbirth education can be done 100% virtually.

What happens if you cannot be at my birth?

When you are my client, you are my #1 priority. I will make every effort to be at your birth as promised. In the rare event I cannot be there such as severe illness or family emergency, I have a backup Doula I work closely with. You will receive her information at one of our prenatal appointments. In addition, I have several back up doula contacts in the community that I work with.

What is your refund policy?

I require a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of contract signing with the remainder of the fee due at 36 weeks. In the event you decide to cancel I offer a % refund depending on the gestation you are to cancel. Any cancellations past 36 weeks are not refundable. For my refund policy in detail, please contact me for more information

Does a Doula replace the support of my partner?

Doulas and birthing partners work together as a team to provide continuous support to mom throughout labor and delivery. We will practice physical comfort techniques during prenatal appointments so that partners can feel confident in their support on delivery day.

Does having a Doula really make a difference?

YES! Women who have a Doula are much more likely to report a positive birthing experience. Although a Doula cannot guarantee any outcomes, evidence shows that having a doula reduces the rate of birth interventions, medicinal pain relief and C-sections.

How does a Doula support me if I plan to have an epidural?

There are many tools available to a laboring mom and the epidural is one of them. I support all birthing options and make sure you have all the information you need to decide what feels right to you at the time. Before an epidural there are sensations that require focus to work through. I will help to keep you comfortable with providing comfort measures such as breathing, positions, massage and other tools until an epidural is available to you. After the epidural is placed, there is much to be done between resting to manually mobilize the pelvis and encourage baby to continue to rotate & descend now that we do not have the added benefit of gravity.

Is a Doula necessary for me if I had a baby before?

Every birth process is unique and therefore having the experience of a Doula to guide you allows you to go through this journey with more ease and confidence. Many of my clients are on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, even 5th babies when they hire me.

I've heard labor is faster after my first. Why do I need a Doula?

Many experienced parents talk about how the second and subsequent births can go faster than the first experience. This is because the uterine muscle has done this before and therefore can travel through the stages at a greater speed but this is not always the case. Every birth experience is truly unique and there are many variables in birth to be considered. Having a doula's support and expertise can optimize the chances for a more efficient and pleasant birthing experience.

How is Doula support different than family and friends?

Family and friends are an amazing community of support to have. The challenge is that many of them do not have the same experience or unbiased support that a Doula can provide. Friends and family tend to share many of their opinions and may feel that the way they did things are the right way. Your Doula is your guide to find “your” way through this journey.

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